iCubie USB Camera

With this cute cubic camera, now you can have a 3rd camera for your Android device (smartphone or tablet). You can really record video anywhere even your smartphone can't get there. It works as an external USB camera to your Android device. Also ideal for school kids to make stop-motion movies.

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BT-1 Bluetooth Camera

"Are you kidding me, video over Bluetooth?" Yes, this little gadget just does that. It streams VGA sized video at 30fps & stereo audio to a Mac computer or an Android smartphone. A core cut short.

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Add-on Card for Leopardboard368

You don't have to use an expensive high density NAND Flash memory device to boot TI's DM368 SOC. A low cost 8-pin SPI NOR Flash memory device will just do the job nicely. It is ideal to boot DM368 from SPI when your firmware requires small footprint.

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