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Pico Instruments LLC, a Limited Liability Company, was incorporated in Irvine, California in May of 2005. Pico Instruments LLC is a privately held technology company who designs consumer electronics devices specializing in baseband digital hardware, embedded systems firmware and customization on all practical applications.

Pico Instruments LLC has its headquarters and R/D center established in Laguna Hills, Southern California. It was formed by a group of industrial seasoned veterans who have a combined 60+ years of experiences in cell phones, wireless systems and consumer electronics.

Pico Instruments LLC delivers world-class quality design products at low to mid level quantities. Innovation, high standard engineering practices and fast product design velocity differentiate us from our competitors out there in the market place. We position ourselves not to play the commodity "me-too" products. Rather, our focus is at niche and high end products with best quality, attractive ID and yet cost effective for product features.

Put us to the test in response to your business needs. We are confident that the value proposition we offer will make a good sense for your business.

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